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Artist Cabaret
Album Electric Chair Song
Record Label Artoffact Records
Year 2005

Artoffact Records new signing, the Polish band Cabaret, gives us a tease of their upcoming album, Homophobia with the single "Electric Chair Song". I don't normally review singles, but this is a single worth listening to.

The single starts out with the Single Mix of the the track "Electric Chair Song". This melodic song's slow tempo is nicely accented with piano (actual piano sounds, not synth sounds) and haunting vocals and is a refreshing change from much of the overly electronic music generally available. The mixes on the single are also different enough to be interesting, as compared to many singles that have mixes just to have mixes, without any truly unique twists on the original song.

The single also includes the track "Dawn Mist Glowing" and a more ambient mix of the same track. This song reminds me of the band The Young Gods, though I can't quite say why. Once again, the mix of this song is different enough to be called a true remix.

We get more piano with the track "Every Home is Wired" and finish off the single with "Electric End", a variation on the title track.

If you want to sample something different in the vast sea of "sameness", try this single. I applaud Artoffact for daring to move in a different direction and bringing us this excellent band.


Rating 7 out of 10

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