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Artist Cabaret
Album Homophobia
Record Label Artoffact Records
Year 2005

Homophobia is the full-length debut of the Polish band, Cabaret, recently signed to Artoffact Records. Homophobia blends many styles: synthpop, electro, electronica, and even a touch of new age sound.

The album starts out with "Nicole (Welcome To)", which combines synth lines, mid-tempo beats, and clean, even vocals. Towards the end of the song, there is a bit of South American or New Age sound. Much of the album is subdued, sort of like waves ebbing on a shore - a sound that washes over you and leaves you feeling content, like in the track "Butterfly With No Address". "Song for Berlin" is pure piano, no synth sounds or distortion. "Electric Chair Song" is my favorite song of the album, with lush sounds and beats and haunting vocals over the top, but there are quite a few favorites to pick. This song is catchy, but down-tempo.

This album probably won't see much play on the dancefloor, but who cares. Danceability is not a requirement to have an excellent album. "Homophobia (Nr 9)" is an interesting track musically and lyrically, though it is left to your own interpretation why the singer wants to be a "number 9". There is some great layering of sounds in this track with a bit more up-tempo beat. "Check Point Charlie" keeps the tempo going a little faster and "Angel Theme" ends the album; an instrumental track once again re-enforcing the calm, soothing nature of this album. This track would be quite at home on the soundtrack for Bladerunner.

Overall, I highly recommend this album as a change from the normal. This is a good album to listen to while relaxing at home; an album to delve into and let it take you over.


Rating 7 out of 10

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