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Artist Corporate Soldiers
Album All That's Lost
Year 2006

All That's Lost is self-released EP from a 3 piece band from New Jersey called Corporate Soliders. Their style mixes techno, ebm, and synth styles into a blend that is aurally refreshing to the ears.

"Adapt Adjust", the first track, is a great track, with staccato vocals and a good beat that will sure to be heard on the dance floors. "Go Home" has a more techno feel, with its the repeated sample at the beginning, but has a nice vocal effect and a synth line reminiscent of Funker Vogt. "Separation" keeps the tempo climbing ever upward, with heavier distortion on vocals and a strong, pronounced beat. There's a hint of tribal sound in the background and once again, some old-school techno flavor.

Following these three tracks are 8 remixes from FGFC820, Cesium_137, Assemblage 23, God Module, Implant, Flesh Field, Terrorfakt, and Mesmer's Eyes. This is quite an impressive list of top-notch bands/remixers and I'm all for remixes, but when the remixes outnumber the actual number of songs almost 3-to-1, you might have exceeded some upper limit. Honestly, many of the remixes are great and each band adds a unique style to the tracks, but I think the original tracks were definitely strong enough to stand on their own.

The final track on the E.P. is an instrumental bonus track called "PVRGE - Official Mix". There's a nice track introduction ala Speak-n-Spell, and again we get a nice pounding beat suitable for the dance floors. Not sure why this is a bonus track and not a regular track, but it's a welcome addition.

Overall, Corporate Soldiers' All That's Lost is a great introduction to a band that will surely go far. A four track E.P. seems like a tease, but only time will tell if Corporate Soldiers' future endeavors will equal this quality release.


Rating 7 out of 10

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