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Artist Dommin
Album Mend Your Misery
Year 2006

Mend Your Misery is the debut release for the Los Angeles four-piece band, Dommin. The album is a mix of dark/goth-metal, blending guitar metal with lush orchestral backgrounds and dark vocals.

The album has a consistent goth-metal sound throughout the whole of the album. "My Heart, Your Hands", the first track, is definitely the best track of the album - orchestral instrumentation compliments the guitar and soothing vocals, creating a song with subtle, driving energy. Kristopher Dommin's voice has the typical deep tones common in goth-rock/metal bands, but his voice also has a unique quality to it that distinguishes it from other similar bands.

Mend Your Misery is a solid debut for Dommin, filled with professionally produced tracks that have exquisitely crafted melodies and well-implemented fusion of orchestral instruments. Listeners who enjoy bands like Danzig, Type O Negative, Leaves Eyes, etc. should enjoy this album immensely.


Rating 8 out of 10

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