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Help Topics:
How do I listen to the station?
Where can I find a list of other stations?
How do I listen to the station?

I've decided to write a help section for those new to on-line radio listening. Just follow these instructions and you should be listening to internet radio in no time at all.

Step 1. Get an MP3 player.

There are quite a few mp3 players out now. Please check the table below to find a player suitable for your operating system (Note: these are a few players I have used/heard of - there are plenty more out there):

Operating System MP3 Players
Mac OS

Step 2. Listen!

There is an easy way of listening to stations and a hard way.

Easy - the easy way to listen to a station is to click a link off a website. Most players will register themselves with your browser to open files with a PLS extension (move over the links at the Top-left under 'Listen' and you will see the linked files have an extension of PLS. Click one one the links and the player should start buffering the station and then start playing. If the station consistently cuts out after a few seconds, try a lower bitrate connection (if you are using a dial-up modem connection, use 24Kbps, otherwise use 56Kbps or greater). If, when you clicked the link, you see a screen like below, it means that your mp3 player is not registered with the browser to automatically use PLS files and you must open the station link the hard way (see below).


Hard - the hard way isn't really all that hard, but clicking a link is always easier. Open your mp3 player and look for an 'Open' or 'Add' button (on Winamp, press Ctrl-L). All streaming music stations are accessed via a website address. There should be a separate place on the 'Open/Add' box to enter an URL (website address). For example, type '' and press 'Open URL' (or 'Open' button, depending on the player you're using). Please note, make sure to always type the 'http://' or the player may not open the address correctly. Seconds later, after buffering the station, you should start to hear music. If the station cuts out consistently after a few seconds, try a lower bitrate station (see above under Easy).

Where can I find a list of other stations?

There are several websites dedicated to listing internet radio stations. The following is a list of sites that I know about, but I'm sure there are plenty more:

Website Description
Shoutcast Many stations use software called Shoutcast to broadcast their stations. By default, these stations get listed on and are categorized by music style.
iTunes Apple's iTunes has a list of radio stations on it (including This is Corrosion) and runs on both the Mac and Windows operating systems.
Wii Hear For those blessed with being able to obtain a Wii console, you can now find This is Corrosion listed on the Wii-friendly web radio listing site, "Wii Hear". This site has recently started (Feb '07), but is gaining new station listings continually and makes playing stations through a stereo connected to your Wii console a breeze.
Live365 Live365 relays other people's stations, as well as broadcasting original stations through special programs they have. Live365 plays a commercial of sorts before the station plays, which some people may not like.
Icecast Icecast was created by people using Linux (another operating system) because Shoutcast wasn't available for it (there are versions of Shoutcast and Icecast for most operating systems now). People using Icecast will not be listed on Shoutcast and shoutcast users will not be listed on Icecast, so it's worth checking out both lists.